"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (1 Cor. 11: 1)

"Reproduce the Life of Jesus"


Spo's Outreach

Spo's Outreach, is very passionate about helping her community improve lives. As a Prominent Christian of this generation, Shauntrece desires to provide for Women and Men and vulnerable children in this community with shelter, education and hope of a better future. Spo's Outreach,very heart aim for this community is to improve the lives of familles and children who are struggling to cope and give them a hope-filled future. Shauntrece's heart for the community, is open to listening, learning and building trust to make a lasting difference. Shauntrece's Christian faith remains an active and important motivation for the work she does. It forms the roots with which how she collectively desire to help children, and all ages of people, regardless of their own beliefs.

SPO's Outreach, is established to help build a better future and break the cycles of generational criminal activity. SPO's Outreach  supports families, Mentorship and Educational support. We also support parents with young children to access help they need, ensuring poverty and deprivation don't become barriers to a better future.

"Giving Hope to the Hopeless"


Help to give hope:

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With your support we can help the children and young people in our care to reach their full potential and live a hope-filled life.

Spo's Outreach runs a number of support
services and interventions to help improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families and give them a more hope-filled future.


  1. Hopeful
    We believe in the value and potential of every person.
  2. Inclusive
    We recognize every person as a unique individual, deserving of respect.
  3. Compassionate
    We won't walk away even when that means making tough choices